Safe Tempest has proved revolutionary for our middle office customers, offering pay and bill solutions designed specifically to increase your operational efficiency.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry and legislation has enabled us to build unrivalled solutions and services for middle office professionals.

We currently process in excess of thirteen million payees per annum, with 80 out of the top 200 staffing agencies using Safe Tempest. We help to make your business smarter and leaner, by collating all of your data and processes, reducing manual input and increasing accessibility.

"80 out of the top 200 staffing agencies using Safe Tempest"

Our middle office solutions builders will listen closely to your needs to ensure that integration runs smoothly. They’ll consult with you to ensure that you get the best from Safe Tempest and provide training so that your staff are fully supported.

You’ll be able to collate and process all of your transactions accurately and efficiently, always meeting legislation requirements.

Key features:

  • Full payroll and billing functionality
  • UK and Irish legislative versions
  • Supports PAYE, CIS, self bill, ltd company, suppliers
  • Tools for working as part of a supply chain – Client self bill
  • Assignment and timesheet management
  • WTR holiday pay and AWR management
  • Adjustment processes for credit and re-invoicing
  • E-billing and SMS technology
  • Margin reporting
  • e-timesheets, e-payslips and e-remittances
  • Mobile and web portals available
  • International versions, supporting global usage of Tempest
  • Standard import and export interfaces for third party front office and financial systems

"13 Million payees per annum"


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