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Preparing for growth

Just Recruitment are a privately-owned, Ipswich-based recruitment group with over 30 years experience of handling the permanent and temporary recruitment needs of customers in the commercial, industrial, technical, legal and HR sectors.

With over 600 candidates placed each week, and 600 timesheets processed, they were keen to increase efficiency and competitiveness in line with their growth by moving away from their old out dated Payroll and Billing legacy system, and eliminating the number of manual steps in their end-to-end process.

Safe Staffing offers market-leading, highly scalable Payroll Management solutions with the accuracy, reliability and robustness that Just require to meet the demands of over 200 customers everyday. Safe met with Just in January 2016 to present an overview of their Tempest solution together with overall costs and timescales for implementation in January 2016.

Avoiding delays

The initial kick off meeting in January gave Safe a tight deadline of tax week one to get Just’s Pay and Bill solution live. In the meeting they listened closely to the client’s needs, helping them to identify new ways of catering for future growth whilst increasing the efficiency of current operations, and pulling more detailed management reporting. E-Billing, E-Payslips and Nest Pension modules were all part of the full suite of software included in Safe’s single solution.

Working alongside an external IT supplier, Safe were able to connect to servers quickly and respond rapidly to new requirements. One of the major obstacles they faced was the lack of availability and accessibility of data from the old system. Safe were able to respond to this challenge, and avoid the potential delays to data migration this could create, by performing an initial extract for parallel/uat and then maintaining the change manually for go live purposes.

Once the software had been implemented, there were very few balances to be carried over, and Just’s new Pay and Bill system was ready to go in week one of the tax year, without the need to do a complete data conversion.

Safe provided formal training to Just’s team from their offices in Leicester, alongside ad-hoc training by project managers during implementation, ensuring they were fully up to speed on the best ways to utilise their new Pay and Bill system. They showed the Just team that the system is highly-configurable and can be customised to suit individual requirements.

A better approach to Pay and Bill

Safe Staffing’s Pay and Bill solution has transformed the way that Just manage their Pay and Bill, with front loaded processes and improved data quality that ensures workers are compliant, validated and in the system ahead of their assignment and timesheets arriving.

By adopting a top-down approach, where data can flow seamlessly between systems, the number of manual processes has been dramatically reduced, removing the need for multiple keying of worker/client/timesheet information.

Timesheet searching capabilities and visibility of data gives the business instant access to core data from one place, so they no longer have to conduct time-consuming searches through multiple systems. There’s also less room for error and greater traceability of data.

E-billing enables them to deliver more accurate invoices quickly, reducing debtor days and cutting down printing, stationery and postage costs.

Just also have the opportunity to take advantage of additional functionalities such as new methods of payment, helping them to be more flexible in the ways that they pay their suppliers. For example, they can pay on terms, or within 30 days, or self bill, instead of automatically paying.

Plus from a management reporting perspective Just now have much more detailed analysis of their operations.

What Just Recruitment say

“We chose to implement Safe Tempest as part of our wider 18-month New World project because we knew Safe have the experience to handle our demands and keep up with changes. The effort they’ve put in has been unbelievable – they’ve even worked through the night to fix an issue.

Since implementation, we’ve noticed our processes are speeding up and becoming a lot easier – the time sheets and payroll in particular are much more advanced than our old system. Soon enough, we’ll be able to perform most tasks at the click of a button. The end game for us is to move our sister companies onto Tempest too – it’s just so much better.” Tom Knowles, Project Manager, Just Recruitment

Project Manager Quote

“Just Recruitment’s old system was incomplete, unreliable, difficult to report from, and unable to keep up with legislation changes. It was slowing down their Pay and Bill process and didn’t match up with the high standards Just upholds across other areas of their business.

The new Safe Pay and Bill enables them to scan timesheets and key in relevant info in space of 48 hours. They can then turn around payroll for all of their workers and get invoices out to clients for over 600 workers.

Overall, it’s been a pretty painless move onto the new system. We’ve built a very good relationship, and created a positive working atmosphere with their team and they’ve got into the rhythm of using the new system very effortlessly. We’ve had very few calls enquiring about how to use it.” Richard Cleaver, Project Manager, Safe Computing

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