CHANGE: A quick and easy way to streamline the payslips process for Change Recruitment Group

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Improving their offering

Change Recruitment Group is a specialist recruitment consultancy with offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, with over 45 years of experience in locating exceptional talent for leading organisations worldwide. They’ve used Safe’s Pay & Bill suite for seven years to help them deliver an accurate, reliable and robust service that their clients can count on.

They planned to streamline their processes by removing printed payslips and introducing Safe’s ePayslips module. Their drivers for doing so were; reducing of manual processes thus minimizing potential for human error and reducing their environmental impact.

It was also important for them to ensure that high levels of compliance were maintained, in order to meet the expectations of their clients.

Hassle-free implementation

Implementation of the ePayslips module was quick and easy, as it required no major changes or new additions to the business’s current pay and bill process.

Safe’s team worked closely with Change Recruitment Group’s external IT team throughout implementation, with careful co-ordination from the account manager Raja Nawaz to ensure there were no delays caused by working with a third party, and the module went live, on time and successfully in March 2016.

Paying for itself

Sending a payslip is now as simple as pressing a button for Change Recruitment Group’s middle office staff, who are able to convert the file into a PDF and email it directly to the recipient in one easy step, freeing up paid resources for other important projects, and reducing waiting times for their clients.

Savings will far outweigh the cost of implementation, with Operations Manager Steve Beck already seeing a great return on investment and predicting the product will pay for itself within 7-8 months.

Overall, implementing the ePayslips module has been a logical and successful addition to Change Recruitment Group’s current Pay & Bill suite. Safe will continue to support them in identifying new ways to streamline their services, using our practical and experienced understanding of their Pay & Bill processes.

What Change Recruitment say

“Our primary aim for our pay and bill system is to ensure that our contractors are paid on time, and our processes are compliant with all relevant legislation. Safe have always provided us with this solution.

In reviewing our processes it became apparent that we could automate a significant and manual step in our process by implementing the ePayslips module. This led to the freeing up of key staff members time to allow them to work more efficiently and effectively in our business and a reduction in our environmental impact from our use of stationery. A significant by-product were the cost savings made across stationery and postage costs associated with the previous hardcopy payslips.

Safe worked flexibly with our external IT team to manage the implementation of the ePayslips module. Their flexible, accommodating and helpful approach means we consider them more of a partner than a supplier, and it’s always a pleasure to work with them.

The ePayslips module is complete value for money, and will pay for itself in just 7-8 months. We’re very happy with both the level of service we received and the benefits of the new software.”

Steve Beck, Operations Manager

Safe Computing Account Manager Quote

“Our key aim was to ensure that our client’s primary aim for implementing the ePayslips module was delivered. The speed and quality of the service that they can now offer their clients has improved, and it has allowed valued members of their staff to work more efficiently in their business. On top of this is has also generated considerable recurring cost savings that funded the entire cost of the project.”

Raja Nawaz, Account Manager, Safe Computing

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