Hydrogen Group: A new system that has transformed the quality and efficiency of our screening processes

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Safe Screening is pleased to publish a short interview with Thomas Haines of the Hydrogen Group.

A genuine step-change for our organisation

“Before we contracted with Safe Screening, we didn’t have a defined system for screening our candidates, we would do what most companies do, and operate paper-based screening. After having such a positive experience with the new system, we now plan to continue to use Safe Screening for our new client projects.”

“We would require our candidates to fill in a lot of forms, mostly via email, and our compliance team would compile the details manually. A major challenge for us was getting the required information from contractors.”

Improvements all round, and a much better candidate experience

“Safe Screening’s online system led to a big drop in our turnaround times for completing screenings. The compliance elements are more straightforward and can be completed a lot quicker, and the process is much easier for candidates.”

“The experience we deliver to our candidates is very important to us, we want them to all have a very positive experience of interacting with us, and we’re pleased to have a big improvement in this area. The candidate experience is now so improved that it is actually becoming a positive differentiator for Hydrogen – a sign of the quality of our operations.”

Thorough testing and a host of operational benefits

“We implemented our Safe Screening process after running an initial test with one of our most important clients, who loved our new screening approach. After we undertook a rigorous testing process, replicating the candidate experience, we were confident that the Safe Screening process was the ideal solution.”

“Our compliance team make full use of the Safe Screening process, and we now use it internally within Hydrogen for our own recruitment screening. The compliance team are operating at far greater levels of efficiency, speed and accuracy.”

“Over the last six months, all recruitment checks have been addressed using our Safe Screening processes. It’s saved us money by reducing our turnaround times and helping us ‘on-board’ our successful candidates more quickly.”
About Hydrogen Group

Hydrogen is a global specialist recruitment business, placing exceptional, hard to find candidates globally. Our joined up practices combine international reach with local expertise and specialist knowledge.

Whilst many recruiters are location focused Hydrogen believes the best way to deliver service to its clients and candidates is to base our offering around nine practices, which cover both Technical & Scientific and Professional Support Services. By using the latest technology we are able to join up our practices and provide clients with global visibility of the best candidates.

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