Search Consulting and pre-employment screening technology

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Recruitment agencies supply to 73% of UK organisations (CIPD). Being responsible for such a high proportion of the UK’s labour force makes the recruitment agency environment intense and all too often- resources are stretched. In addition to this, the consistent changes in employment law make staffing organisations exceptionally vulnerable to noncompliance and prosecution. With specific focus on pre-employment screening, Donna Turner, Director for Search Consultancy speaks about how her departments manage profit and growth whilst maintaining a watertight and compliant audit trail.

Search Consultancy

Established in 1987, Search Consultancy has 13 UK offices and service more than 25 industry sectors.

Over recent years, Search has seen a significant rise in the number of pre-employment screening regulations and these compliance issues were a huge drain on Search’s resources.

After the implementation of Safe Screening, Donna Turner, Director at Search Consultancy spoke with Robert Drake about the challenges with pre-employment screening and how this influenced the procurement of a technological solution.

Our Story


Search was using a manual process which presented problems with reporting, speed of completion and auditing. As an organisation that already supplied screening services to some of its clients, Search was being audited by those clients to ensure their compliance. What’s more, as a recruitment specialist Search also had its own agency workers and the ability to capture and prove the “right to work” process was also proving important.

‘Search’ for solution

Search Consultancy was referred to Safe Computing by Amris, which was setting up a new Candidate Management System for a particular client they were working with. When Safe Computing first engaged with Search it became increasingly important for Search to find a method of conducting pre-employment screening in a timely fashion in order for the company to place candidates with its clients. Screening and candidate workplace compliance, in the future, will only become more important and more complicated.

Making it fit

When Search Consultancy met with Robert Drake at Safe Computing he explained the system specification as a standalone product but also Safe’s ability to integrate with a CMS system. Robert quickly identified that Search was looking for a system that could manage employment/academic referencing, criminal record checks and financial screening. Search Consultancy sat down as a Working party to set up the workflow for the initial campaign and introduced this in May 2012.

The Project

From this, Safe Screening engineered a system that could carry out all checks required with limited input from resources and had a fully auditable process. Every entry would be date and time stamped.

The solution facilitates academic referencing, employment referencing, personal referencing, credit checks and criminal record checks. All on one platform. The process for pre-employment screening is now extremely efficient with documents returned much quicker. The overall turnaround is much quicker.


“I would describe Safe Screening as a technology platform that ‘does exactly what you require’. The importance should be placed on the workflow you are looking to use and it is a cost effective system for any organisation who has pre-employment screening requirements.” Robert Drake, Safe Computing Director adds, “Having experienced running a manual process myself (in fact the very reason I built the screen platform) I was aware of the efficiencies that could be gained, just by automating the reference gathering process- this was the start point for the screening product. With the additional integration to DBS, Experian and the compliance element, we have taken the product to a whole new level.”

The Future

Search will gain great time savings as well as have a completely defendable and demonstrable process. Mitigating the risk to their business and giving them the ability to engage their customers, on screening, in a previously unachievable way.

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