Deliver your services to workers, candidates, suppliers and clients online, using Safe Portals.

We’ll help you to modernise all stages of the recruitment process, for back office, middle office and front office, with a range of portals from our our Safe Staffing suite, including:

Candidate Portal

The Candidate Portal can be implemented as a core component of your corporate web site and a direct extension of Safe Front Office. It includes three core functions – vacancy advertising, candidate registration and worker and candidate compliance.

When vacancies are created in Safe Front Office, they can be pushed out to a number of sources automatically, including the job board functionality in the Candidate Portal. Once a vacancy is online, candidates can search for it using a range of criteria.

When a candidate applies for a role they are effectively registering onto the site. To aid this, we have built in web based CV parsing. This enables the candidate to parse the CV themselves, see the parsed data, and then check and correct this before the application is made. Once registered, the candidate can create job baskets, apply for multiple roles, see where they are in the recruitment process, and communicate with consultants via a web site email box.

Once a candidate becomes a worker, we enable the Worker Portal functionality within the Candidate Portal. It then becomes a one-stop shop for vacancies, consultant communications, e-timesheets, payslips, bank details, and holiday information. This effectively gives the worker, who is always a candidate, reasons to keep coming back to the site every week to fill out an e-timesheet, or view a payslip. Whilst there, they can also see what vacancies are available and apply.

Worker Portal

Our Worker Portal is designed to enable your workers to come on-line and pick up payslips, input timesheets via e-time, and change personal details. Your workers can even view a future and historical assignment diary.

This also allows you to create a personalised and secure area of your web site, which is focused on worker services and communications, whether they are PAYE, limited company, or third party supplied.

The type of services our customers deliver via this portal include:

  • On-line queries
  • E-payslips and remittances
  • WTR holiday pay information
  • Timesheets capture for time and work packages
  • Expenses capture
  • Personal details management
  • Banking details management
Mobile time and expenses

E-timesheets within the Worker Portal enable you to capture electronic time in a variety of timesheet formats. A worker inputs their time into Tempest Worker Portal, after which they can either push the timesheet through an electronic authorisation process, or print it out for the client to sign in a traditional paper format. Where paper is used, clients sign a final form, which is then sent into a fax server. Our clients can therefore choose from or mix complete or part electronic time capture.

E-expenses decrease the paper trail for your organisation, reducing margin for error and your carbon footprint. In a similar fashion to e-timesheets, your workers log into our Worker Portal and input their expenses, which can then be sent over to the Client Portal for authorisation and payment.

Supplier Portal

Safe Tempest middle office has a range of features designed to manage relationships with third party suppliers. These are generally defined as other recruitment companies, umbrella companies, and limited company contractors.

The Supplier Portal enables suppliers to come online and work directly with your Tempest system, so that they can:

  • Raise on-line queries
  • See remittances
  • View and input timesheets
  • View current assignments
  • Manage personal details
Client Portal

Our Client Portal allows you to deliver online services directly to your clients.

Services our customers deliver via this portal include:

  • Online queries about timesheets, invoices and credit notes
  • Timesheet authorisation
  • Expenses authorisation
  • View invoice history
  • View authorised timesheets
  • Create new vacancies – a front office exclusive

If you are utilising our Financials or Credit Control add-ins, additional functionality can also appear in the portal, including:

  • View online statements
  • Review outstanding invoices
  • Make ‘promise to pay’ commitments

Our Client Portal enables you to provide excellent online services to clients, and opens up a wealth of information and processes to them. Without our solution, this information would otherwise be paper based in both you and your clients’ businesses.

You can access Safe Portals via our mobile applications, which have been developed to work on any mobile device web browser.


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